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Client Prevails in Jury Trial Against City of Des Moines

Our commitment is to help contractors cooperatively and fairly resolve issues on the project.  And, sometimes an owner or engineer will not agree to this.  When that happens, you need someone who will win at trial.  This is one of our bigger wins!

KCCI Article on Jenco v. Des Moines $1M Jury Award


 Link to video on preparing accurate bids

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Helping You Manage Change

In the construction industry today there is one constant – change.

Projects are often under-designed, incorrect or incomplete, and if change orders aren’t handled correctly, it can cost you – big.

That’s where Olson Construction Law comes in. We’re a full service, multi-state construction law firm offering experienced, value-driven, and practical legal counseling and representation. We value each of our clients and provide personalized service. Working with us is like having in-house counsel to guide you through construction projects and contract changes.

We want to help you to proactively and powerfully manage change with an eye on your bottom line. We want you to get paid on-time, every time, and we want it to happen on the job site, not in the courtroom!

We represent contractors throughout the country, and our attorneys are licensed to practice law in many states, including Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.